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ten minutes

22 November 2019 - 19:14

I didn't take my 10 minute break yesterday, so fuck everything, I'm taking an extra one today. Lots of typing these past two days. Company's been having trouble with the Driver Helper mobile phones that they use to scan and deliver packages instead of DIAD boards. So all the helpers scan and delivery, but nothing shows for it online. Which means, cue in the clerks, have them all manually input the delivery data so the customer can see the delivery online. Pain in my ass. But I say that half in jest. Because typing is my thing, see. I type my journals, letters to the kiddos, my stories, you name it. And ever since the new FDC system upgrade took away the data-capture aspect of my work requirements, I've really begun to resent my job. These past two days were a wonderful respite from the cumbersome monotony which my daily routine has become.

I feel a bit guilty, staying here in the office while my coworkers labor on in the Sort. Alex insisted I stay here and work on my dry ice. A part of me wants to, with gusto, while simultaneously I'd rather work on this later, after the Sort, to make more hours, which I desperately need. Still, if I just worked on it now and then left at, say 8 or 9 PM, I'd still make decent overtime. Hell, I'm on overtime right now. But greedy fucker, of course I want more. I have bills to pay and all that. Anyway, story for another day. My break time is over.

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