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gasping for breath

19 November 2019 - 02:35

I'm a nervous wreck and I can't sleep. I don't think I've ever been this broke in my life. Not even when I worked at Penncro, or in the intervening months between that and landing my job at UPS. I mean, I'm sure I have been that broke, but I don't remember. And I don't remember because back then, it wasn't that important. Back then, I didn't have the responsibilities I do now.

Good God, I am so, SO broke...! I need for it to be Friday, and thus, payday, so, so badly. It's 2:41 AM on a Tuesday. Day hasn't even technically started. All things considered, once my bills get deducted from my bank account, I'll be left with about forty dollars. That's in both my checking and savings accounts. Until Friday. And from between here and then, I still have a visit to the periodontist (which isn't free), food to buy for my dogs, medicine for my chickens, and gas for both cars. Some of those things ain't happenin', trust you me. I'm not even counting food for Beasters and Hitomi because I'm going to make what they have strrrrreeeeeeeetch. I'm exhausted. My brain more so than my body. No use in waking up early tomorrow. I'll just regain consciousness and fret some more.

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