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better days

09 July 2015 - 23:21

I am beyond frusterated right now. My stomach churns, and all I've had was water. Tomorrow's the TCA Convention; I can't wait. I'll need the whole weekend to keep my mind off this place. I hate my job this week. Hate that I have no choice but to work here, put up with the dumbshit people running the place. Hate that one of my coworkers died over the weekend. Hate that Rebecca won't quit ridin' my ass, then tries to play it like she's my friend or something. Fuckin' bitch. I want her out of my department and out of my life. If she phones tomorrow, you can bet your sweet ass I ain't answerin'.

Okay, truth be told, I've had a rough week, and the stress is probably making me see shit worse than it really is. Which is why I can't wait for tomorrow. I should get going now, so I can get my things ready. I miss my friends from school. I miss that environment. I wanna drink so much I actually manage to get drunk for once. I've never experienced a hangover. Should be an interesting experience. High tolerance for alcohol and all that. But tonight... *sigh* Tonight I'm still in Shitville. Tonight I still gotta live with the fact that Eddie's dead, and I might not be able to make the funeral. It's fine, I guess. Don't wanna run into Rebecca there, to be honest. Ever since we met, it's taken a lot of effort on my part to get to like her. I keep telling myself it's her mannerisms and tone of voice. Just imagining her speaking makes the hair on my scalp wanna stand on end. She annoys the FUCK outta me. And here I was, thinking things would be better if she took over Ruben's position as FDC Supervisor. Be careful what you wish for and all that. At least Ruben left me the fuck alone, for the most part.

Maybe the Dud is right, and I need to chill the fuck out. I'm letting shit affect me that shouldn't be. Deep breath, relax. Tomorrow will be much better if I try.

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