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Birfday present maybe

19 August 2012 - 01:04

WOOOOT!!! I'm finally. Effin'. DONE... with the line work. *flops over*

I know, I know... not making any sense right now. I'm referring to this fanart drawing I've been working on for Amber Williams of DMFA fame. Her birthday's tomorrow. Technically, today, since it's past midnight already. I've been working on it for over a year already, and I'm anxious to get it over and done with. This is the first piece of fanart I've done since highschool. (That one was TMNT, in case anyone was wondering.) This drawing I'm working on now started more as a sketch, done in pencil on plain ol' copy/printer office paper. I did most of it in less than an hour then ran outta juice and stuffed it away with my other unfinished junk. Then I got into my T.I.N.C. comic project and forgot all about it. Over all of last year I'd run across it now and again and fill in a few details; then I saw it this year and even started inking some of it even though I hadn't even completed the penciling stage. Well, I unearthed it once again this month and decided to take a break from Xen and his world to finish it up, since I really like the concept behind this drawing. Not to mention T.I.N.C. is also a fanwork of sorts and this ties in nicely. I've been working on it sporadically, in a much less pressured way than how I've been working on my comic. Until Friday, that is. When I realized it was almost Amber's birthday and this would make a neat-o present. So I finally put my foot down (softly) and told my family (asked for permission) that I needed a few hours alone (specifically kiddo-free) to finish at least the inks on this thing. Of course I never really got thee time until everyone was asleep to work on this drawing so here I am. Almost 2 o'clock in the morning and only just cleaning the drawing of all the work lines. The paper is so old it's been smudged and is a bit crinkled around the edges. My plans are to go make a copy at the public library tomorrow (easier to color a new sheet), then find a nice quiet table where I can color it in, go back to the computer section of the library, upload the image and email it off before evening. What's probably gonna end up happening is I am only able to upload the line work and will have to be satisfied with giving Amber that. Then I'll get around to coloring the damn thing by my birthday. (Which, incidentally, is when I actually started sketching this last year.) *sigh*

Ah, anyway, at least I'm halfway through. (God, I really hope I don't bungle up the colors on this one.) Whatever the end result, I'l be sure to upload something tomorrow onto my deviantart account, maybe post a link here.

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