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27 September 2016 - 17:18

I'm here at work and should totally be at home, but chose to stay just so I could hang out with a buddy. Ever done that before? I mean, do something you really rather wouldn't because you'd rather spend some time with someone? I think I lurve my friend. Ew, not in a gross, romantic way, ew. Though I already know that rumor's probably making its rounds at work. I swear, it's been done on more than one occasion, with other coworkers. JUST BECAUSE I HANG OUT WITH A PERSON DOESN'T MEAN I WANNA BANG 'EM, OKAY? Sheesh.

But all things aside, I do believe I care more than I let on about certain people in my life. And having gone back to school only amplified that for me. Everyone's lurve and cuddles there. We see each other, we hug. We say goodbye to each other, we hug. We sit next to each other in class, we lean against one another. We stand next to each other in lab, and even though we're not supposed to for hygienic purposes, we lean on one another and we hug. It's just how we express ourselves at school. Putting love in our craft and whatnot.

Here at UPS, of course, people are not so overt and affectionate. The only person I hug here all the time is Nacho, and, that's right, he and I attended the same culinary program. So, yeah, dur, we hug. But I love Nacho like a brother, yet rumors here at the workplace still persisted pretty much until he got married a few months back. And again, I know rumors have gone around about me having romantic relationships with other coworkers. Ridiculous, I tell ya'.

Onto something completely different, my thumb-drive went dead. It's my work thumb-drive, so I guess it's sorta related? [I wanna donut! Not now, Jack.] I feel very upset about it, though I'm not letting it on much. But I've had stuff saved into that thumb-drive for years now, and some of the things on it, I cannot get elsewhere anymore. Coupled with the fact that I lost another one of my thumb-drives last month... yeah, I'm not a happy camper right now, when it comes to my computer shit. It's part of the reason I haven't updated my dA account recently. The thumb-drive I lost was where I kept most of my writing, food photographs and electronic versions of my drawings. I might even have some tax information saved in there. I know I should be more worried about that one being gone, but I can't seem to find the energy to panic or even look for it yet. Also, speaking of lost things, today I realized I've misplaced my "Hallucinations" sketch book, which brought be down to all kinds of sad. I call that book my Xenith, or my Zaredith, depending on which character I'm drawing in it at the moment. I'm sure it's under my cot somewhere in my room. Again, no energy to do anything about it for now, so it must not be affecting me as much as I'd like to believe. This is the last week of the month. I seriously need to finish the page I'm working on. Just one and a half panels left to go, c'mon! I tell myself that if I'd gone home today instead of going to lunch with Beto, I could've found Hallucinations, finished inking Zar, maybe even adding the lettering, and then I'd just have that final panel of Xenith to worry about for tomorrow. I would've been able to even go back and finish the coloring on some of the previous pages! Goddammit, me! But in reality, I would've lain on my cot, reading webcomics. I guess I could be doing that right now, here at work (I'm off the clock, piss off), but I can't bring myself to do so for some odd reason. I guess it's because I finally have a full-sized keyboard to use, which got me excited to blab on here. Also, I have almost an hour to kill before I gotta be back on the clock. So, I have the means, and the time. GoodgodI'msosleepyletmedienow...!

I'm getting a bit dizzy. Can't remember if I took my diabetes pill before I came to work. I'd like to think I did. I had a salad for lunch, and I didn't buy a sugary drink (water for the win!), so it shouldn't be a spike in my sugar levels. Maybe I just wanna nap, or maybe I've been staring at the computer screen for too long. Either way, I'd better go [read comics].

Ooo! In the nick of time! Boss just walked right by me! OOOooOooooOOOoooo!!!!!

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