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08 October 2015 - 14:18

I'm feeling good today. Still getting used to this keypad-case thing, but it's definately an upgrade from what I used before. So tomorrow, the Baymax cake is due. Things were a little hectic this week, scrambling to get it all put together in time. I still haven't finished it, and I stupidly ignored my own rule: always create your cake figurines first. Knock that out of the way, and the rest should be a zinch. However, the Baymax topper I'm making is actually a cake pop, so I needed to bake some cake to actually make it. I was going to get it done today to give it time to dry, but I honestly didn't have the time. I formed the body already, but I still need to create the fondant limbs, head, and cover the cake body with fondant. Now I'm worried that it won't dry on time. Meh, if it comes down to it, I'll just make him sitting down rather than standing up. Lucy didn't actually ask for the topper. She just wants the cake itself, but overachieving me, yeah I wasn't satisfied with just that. *sigh* I want Leo to really, really like his cake. Let's hope things work out. At least I already leveled and filled the cake. Now all I need for tomorrow is to cover it. Gosh, I hope I have enough red fondant to get it all done.

Mom's lightly snoring. We're at the rehab place, and she's got about a minute left on the electrode machine. I'm really tired today. Went to work extra early so I'd have time to work on the cake. It's gonna be worth it.

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