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the challenge

02 April 2020 - 22:01

Things at work have been kinda crazy with the whole coronavirus pandemic going on. So tonight, as I was getting ready to finish up my Dry Ice paperwork (I'm one of two HAZMAT auditor for the PM shift), Ruben pokes his head out of the office and piles more fuckin' work on me, as usual. But I don't mention this in resentment or anger, or even annoyance really, even though I may act as though I am. Because what Ruben proposed to me was a challenge, and I'm always up for those. Basically, I have to look up Safety Data Sheets for new cleaning items that the warehouse has approved for use to disinfect during this pandemic. Thing is, according to OSHA, every single item that is used by UPS must have its corresponding SDS in a file where an auditor can find it easily. So, since we starting using those items today, apparently, we need those documents printed out and filed away tonight or else we'd be breaking the law. Never mind that's it's an emergency. And, of course, Ruben conveniently forgot that I'm no longer a HAZMAT Responder, which means I no longer have access to our SDS database system. I went over to Irma and asked her if she still had access (since she's still a Responder), and she said she does, and that she'd come by the office later to help me log in, but of course she never showed up, and that's because she probably wanted to be the one to stay late and do this. Again, I'm doing this for the challenge of it all. I already decided I'm bypassing our internal database and going straight to the original source: the manufacturers. So far, I've managed to print out two SDS's of about twenty. Oops, my bad.

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