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at the circus

29 April 2012 - 14:58 Hrs.

I feel dizzy and nauseous. My stomach's doin' all sorts of crazy, painful, uncomfortable shit. Fun times to be had!

Ángel and Anelí are over at Omar's (my sister's new boyfriend) so the rest of us diseased ones can take a break. It all started Friday with Iban and Anelí waking us up to the melodious sound of them puking all over the bed. So no school for Chiquis, no daycare for Lalo. Dud even called in to work so she could take them in to see Dr. Zamuko. Two days later, and we've all got the heaving shits except for Ángel, who's only complained of a minor stomachache. I think mine's less than everyone else's, 'cause I haven't puked yet, though it's like I'm running a faucet out my ass every half hour or so. And the nausea is there, trust me. I just think I haven't hurled because I haven't got anything in my gut to puke. Hadn't eaten anything since last night and I barely ventured forth into the kitchen to heat up some chicken broth a few minutes ago. Which is when I began to feel the vertigo.

Pisses me off, being sick. Several reasons. Obvious one being I can't move, but my body ain't resting. Then there's the Dud being a cranky bitch, but I won't go into it now or I'll end up making my symptoms worse. Also there's my comic production deadline that's coming up Monday and I'm not even close to completing and this shit is slowing me down! Swear, I feel so weak that I can't hold my pencil steady, plus the room keeps swimming out of focus. I need to sleep, like everyone else in the house seems to be doing, but I have a pounding headache, and also laundry that needs to be hung out to dry. Fun times, fun fuckin' times.

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