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Internship: Day 3

10 June 2015 - 23:25

I know I shouldn't be updating about my internship here. Chef Ruben wants a notebook, dammit! But there's no way I can keep up with my days anymore unless I type things down. (I type much faster than I write, though at the moment, my face wants to type a nap into the keyboard...)

Today I met yet another employee, but to be fair, she's new. Today was her first day! Her name's Keyla (Keila? Who comes up with these things?), and she's 16. Very petite, quiet girl. Seriously, she could give Yomie a run for her money. My feet don't hurt as much today because I wore my running shoes to the bakery, rather than my work boots. I know I'm supposed to be wearing slip-resistant shoes, but the boots were killing me by the end of the night, and no one else at the pastry shop seems to adhere to appropriate culinary footwear. And it helped, a lot, though I'll admit I have way better grip with my boots.

So this time around, I washed even fewer dishes, if that can be believed. Instead, I helped core and fill assorted cupcakes, then stocked the cupcake shelves with the finished cupcakes, each row of five headed by their own little name label. That was exciting because I got to bend my knees for once! Everything so far has been me upright or maybe hunching over the tiny sink washing dishes.

After all that, I helped Maryeli (the girl I previously thought was named Marielyn or Marylisse - heck, I'm still not sure what her God-given name is!) assemble cheesecakes. I say "assemble" because the filling was already premade (by Roberta), and she made the graham cracker crust; all I did was watch her do it, and afterwards, Evesie (again, rough spelling here) told us both it was done wrong to begin with. "It has to be crumbly," she informed us. I helped clean up some, and then Roberta moved me on to rolling out and cutting more sugar cookies. Apparantley I did a good enough job yesterday to where she wanted me to make more. These were graduation cookies, and she wanted a dozen each of diplomas, graduation caps, thumbs-up hands and Texases (is there even a plural form for "Texas"?). I was able to make two extra Texas cookies and three extra of each of the other figures. Always make extra cookies, I was told. It allows for templates and mistakes once it comes to decorating.

I'm done with this for tonight. I need sleep.

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