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not-so-morning shift

25 September 2015 - 12:51

I'm covering the morning shift right now. Which means I'm sitting in the FDC area of the warehouse, doing jack-all. I'm so bored out of my fuckin' brains right now. All I can do is wait for customers to get at me with whatever paperwork their fucking packages are missing. I swear, this is the lamest part of my day. I don't know how it is that Zamira, Blanca and now Gloria have been able to stomach this job. I'd be brain-dead right now if it wasn't for the music blaring from the tiny speaker I carry everywhere. Half of the time I'm here, I'm shaking my fat ass like an idiot to K-Pop. Yes, it's a phase, apparantly. So far, I really like four bands. EXO, TVXQ, Red Velvet and Girls Generation. Gawd, those ladies are hawt! Well, so are the guys. All of EXO look like ladies, too. They're real purdy. But TVXQ can shake their shit better.

See how bored I am? This shift's got me listening to music I never thought in a million years I'd listen to.

Okay, so it isn't the shift. I became curious about K-Pop ever since a classmate of mine, Gloria (not the Gloria I'm covering this shift for, another Gloria), starting blabbing to me about it. She's obsessed with K-Pop, almost as much as I am with Ninja Turtles. Sometime during the summer, I decided to give it a try. It was okay, but what really got me hooked was watching those people dance. I may be a fat-ass, and I may seem stoic to people who first meet me - and even to family, who th'fuck am I kidding? - but deep inside, I actually do love to dance. I think I get it from both my parents. My parents met dancing, and it's what made my mother fall for my useless father: the way he shook his ass. XD Well, okay, he never had much of an ass, and I don't really think he shook it at anyone; it's a figure of speech, dammit. I really don't wanna picture my father shaking shit. Anywhore, it's where I got my love for dancing. I just don't like dancing in front of people because I know I look like a dumbass when I do it. When I was a teenager, especially, I was always really stiff. I've learned to loosen up when I'm by myself, but I still don't have the balls to dance in front of anyone. Good thing I'm alone back here during the morning shift. I get to spaz out like a dumbshit! All shitting aside, I can dance cumbias pretty well. My mom taught my sister and I to dance since we could walk, pretty much. And my parents were pretty good cumbia dancers. Y'know, for not being pro's. My sister picked up salsa and merengue when she was in Kuwait, and I like to imitate hip-hop dance moves when no one's around. Lately, it's actually helped me shed a few pounds. That, and bouncing around at work. I'm still a fat-ass, though, and I'm sure I look like an idiot when I dance.

*sigh* I can only stay for about 50 minutes more. Then I bounce. I need to get home and shower. I feel grimy, and I need to come back to this shit hole in the evening again. What a pain in my ass.

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