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DPD #6

19 December 2019 - 21:31

Watching the ending of the Democratic Primary Debate. So far, Andrew Yang has had the best closing statements, in my opinion. Pete Buttigieg is speaking now. Once he finished speaking, there was an awkward pause and he visibly gulped before the clapping started. Made me feel just a smidge bad for the guy. I feel like some of the other candidates went after him pretty hard tonight. Specifically Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. Even Andrew Yang got a bit snarky with him, which I loved. I have to say, I think of all the candidates speaking tonight, I was most impressed with Andrew. He seems like a really genuine guy, and even though he seems a bit clueless at times, it comes across more to me as an act. As though he's pretending to be a silly dad to put everyone else around him at ease. Then he gets asked a question and is so knowledgeable on many topics, and often with a different perspective than the politicians.

Okay, the Turks debate commentary just came on, and I want to dedicate my full attention to it. I'll update later.

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