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09 February 2011 - 12:57

Ugh. It's apparently Drama Week in my life right now. Not at home, thank God. But I'm feeling real bummed out for my buddies at work.

Safety audit's this week, and of course, we're completely and utterly unprepared. But most of the woes are occuring in my coworker's personal lives, it seems. Aaron got his ass handed to him over the weekend... bad. Dumbfuck. I personally found this quite amusing, though I acknowledge that he looked like a steaming pile of wrecked mess. His lips were purple and swollen, cracked too, and his eyes were so sunken in it seemed as though they were trying to crawl back into his skull. Dark circles under his eyes and all that, but those might've been bruises.

So Aaron staggers in late to work on Monday (more like limped, actually), and Art calls in. Fernie's grandfather passed away and apparently the two are long-time close friends so Art went to pay his respects to the family. I'm not even on speaking terms with Fernie myself (not that I dislike the guy; he just works in a different section of the warehouse and we've never really hung out together during break), but I feel for him. Then when Art shows up yesterday, he tells me how he and his girl have split, which makes me feel terrible, 'cause Art seems like a good guy, and a good dad. Jeremy's seven months now. Man, this sucks. And I was just feeling bad about Fichas too, who told me Monday night that he's also split with his wife - kicked Glenda and her kids out of his house over the weekend. What the fuck is up with these people and fuckin' splitting up?! Is it the upcoming heavily-commercialized Valentine's Day and they can't resist the irony? (Way to fight conventionalism, by the way. Did I just make a Bushism?) Or do they need to break up now so they can make up on said holiday and have wild make-up-sex? *shruggs* Somehow Art doesn't srike me as the type. Don't know about Fichas. Don't much want to. Amazingly enough, Nacho seems to be the one currently in a stable (albeit unhappy) relationship.

To top shit off, Cecilia calls yesterday. Poor woman. Earlier this year (maybe the end of last year? Don't remember), Fran breaks the news to her that he knocked up his girlfriend. Of course Cecilia worries. She's epileptic and knows it's hereditary. Fran's girl is bi-polar, also hereditary, from what I know. So she worries that her grandchild will be born with both. Strong believer in Murphy's Law, like me. But in the end, like all new grandmothers-to-be, she got excited. And I mean really. She invited Fran and his girl (is it wrong that I keep forgetting his chic's name?) to live with her, even though Fran's a mooching bum. Then she invited my sister and I over to her house to show us some crochet patterns for baby items she wants to try her hand at. So excited, poor woman. Just so Fran can call her up and tell her that well, they're planning on giving the baby up for adoption. And there goes her heart, into a billion little pieces. And she despairs because she can't offer to take the child due to her own handicap. And this story served for me to confirm the following: Fran is a douche. And his fuckin' chic, too. I really hope they don't go through with it. And yes, I know I shouldn't be so condecending and judgemental, but this is the thing: if you can't care for a kid, keep it in your pants. At the very least use protection. And if they did, and she got pregnant anyway, but you know you can't care for the child, then save your family the hassle and tell them UP FRONT about what you plan to do. But the ridiculous thing is that they don't even plan on giving up the baby up for adoption right away, but want to wait a few years, until the kid's around three. What the fuck for?! Right, rip the poor little thing out of its life after its grown attached to granparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Cause why let the little one have a good life elsewhere from the start? Argh, I'm gettin' real peeved. I better log off this thing and get ready. I promised the Dud we'd get together for her lunch. Her workplace is also currently a whirlwind of drama and stress, so we're meeting up at the mall to walk around and blow off some steam. (We usually go to the park and walk around on the trail, but it's raining at the moment. Crazy-ass weather.)

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