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epiphafood towards the end

23 October 2018 - 13:59

The weather is finally cooling down around here. That's a relief. I'm at work again, as usual, with not much to do. I hate it when they call me in to work and there is no work for me. I'm not too surprised, though. Around this time of year, PTS begins to slow down. It won't be long until they stop shipping volume for the year, and then we go on hiatus with this account until around February or March of next year.

I'm mainly typing today for two reasons:
1) I am trying out this keyboard I bought myself over my vacations specifically for work. The previous one I had here was sprayed with some horrible unknown stuff that made it super sticky, and the stuff won't come off, no matter what it's washed with. Clorox wipes wouldn't do the trick, nor All Purpose cleaning spray, so I gave up and switched it with another keyboard that wasn't being used. Then, I realized why it was that the damn thing wasn't being used in the first place. The stupid keys keep getting stuck, specifically the Tab key. Which meant, since I use that pretty much every other keystroke, that the cursor would keep scrolling rapidly throughout the entire page until I could get they key unjammed. So I bought this other keyboard, and it is a great improvement, but the setup is a tad bit different, and I need to get used to it. Hence this entry.
2) I also mentioned in previous entries that I would do my best to update this thing at least once a week, or month. I think I'd promised weekly updates, but at least monthly will do, and I hadn't updated this thing in over thirty days. Whoops.

14:45 I really hope they give us a break soon. Yesterday, we worked straight through, though I was told that we would be getting a split in our shift. Steve's orders. People are really pissed off. Can't blame them. Hey, if you're gonna split my shift, then it better be because you actually gave me a lunch break. Don't split my shift over 15 minutes! (The thing with splitting our shift is that when they do that, we don't get paid overtime.)

Onto a completely different topic: I just realized today that banana-orange Juliuses are a thing. I've only ever had Orange Juliuses until now. So, HOLY CHET, CENK WAS RIGHT!!! His Killer B's of Food do make everything better! Now I wonder if it would've been better had butter also been added. Undoubtedly. Well, now I gotta Tweet to him about this.

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