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echoing Semler

11 June 2019 - 12:11

I'm under the impression that my niece is angry at me. Well, maybe both she and Papo. Yesterday, when I texted them before school, Ángel was curt in his response. It worried me, but I tried to move past it. I figured he was maybe in a rush, or perhaps was worried that his mom was checking his phone. But then Mom called them in the evening, and they never picked up the phone. I messaged them a while ago, again, wishing them a good day at school, telling them I love them, and this time, no response. This time, I also asked them to call their Güela in the evening, because she's worried about them. In these past few days, I feel as though I'm losing them. I'm trying to be strong, but my many emotions are overwhelming, and I struggle to keep a calm focus about my day. These drops of mercury are dissipating, and I struggle to stay one with myselves. I don't mind being Apart, but quasi-integration is still required for some of my actions throughout the day. Damn it. I need to get ready for work.

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