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13 June 2014 - 07:40

Friday the 13th!

Dun, dun, DUN!

Gah, I am so sleepy and tired all the time now! And I haven't even started school! Yeah, the Sanitation class I was slated up for in June got cancelled by the school. Not enough people registered for it and whatnot. I had to add it to my upcoming fall semester instead. *sigh* One less day off...

Instead, this month, I get to double shift. (Yay.) Which will come in handy, since I don't qualify for financial aid and will be paying for all my classes out of pocket. I don't wanna deplete my savings account if I can help it. Took me long enough just to get it to where it's at now! But even though the extra money is sweet, sweet relief at this point, the extra hassle of 9+ hour days is not. If it was all one continous shift, I don't think it'd be so bad; it's the fact that I work for a few hours in the morning, then go home, shower and eat, then go back for the PM shift that makes those nine hours feel more like fifteen. People at work keep telling me to just bring a pillow and set up residence at the warehouse. I laugh about it, but it's taxing.

Matters at home aren't any better, so it's not like I get the weekend to relax. Among other things, the Dud is getting married again this month. This time with Omar. Since she screwed things up so badly with Talegas, and they pretty much eloped to begin with, she's trying to do things right this time around. She doesn't want a big wedding ceremony or anything fancy, but she does want the family to be involved. Well, immediate family only, so that means Omar's parents and siblings, couple of cousins, and from the Dud's side, that's Mom and Helen and me. Oh, and all the kiddos, of course. Thing is, they're kinda slapping everything together at the last minute. She's getting married in less than two weeks, and she still doesn't have a dress. Not that I give a shit at all (hell, I ain't the one tyin' the knot), but 'Ama's stressing. She cries a lot when she's at home. She just can't stomach Omar's family, and she feels that they're just trying to use my sister for their own ends. Specifically, legal ones. None of Omar's family (including Omar himself) are here in the States legally. They're undocumented immigrants. 'Ama suspects that they want my sister to fix their papers. Honestly, I think she may have a point, but again, I'm not worried about it. Rosa Isela is my older sister. She's fuckin' 31 years old. She can take care of her own shit. And if she can't, that's still not my problem. I'm not all that gung-ho about her nuptials either, but for completely different reasons, mainly to do with the kids. Yet still, even though I may have helped raise them when they were babies and tots, they are not my kids. I don't get to choose how she runs their lives. So misgivings or no, I accept my sister's choice. But seeing how it's affecting 'Ama makes my stomach twist in knots. I seriously think she's falling into major depression over this. I feel so helpless.

My head is pulsing softly. I need to go feed my inner-mews and take a quick hour nap before work. Ah, a new day cycles in...

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