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can't sleep (but I dream big...)

04 August 2011 - 02:59

So apparently I haven't updated this shit in over 3 months. Yeah, shit's a lot harder to update since the UPS firewall started blocking this site. Now I'm stuck updating from my cell phone and basically fat fingers + tiny keyboard = EPIC FAYUL. Gah, I can't believe just typed that. (The 'fayul' part; I know I have fat fingers.) But effit, took me long enough to type that, I am NOT deleting that shit! Anywhore. (Yup, been watching too many You-Tube videos.)

Been working on a personal side project. A comic book of sorts I fondly call This Is Not Cannon (T.I.N.C. for short). It's not meant for publication of any sort (hence the name), and is instead intended for practice and for honing what little artistic skill I have. Basically I just wanna get faster at cranking out the pages, as well as get over my dread of the inking process. I work on it whenever I get a chance, which isn't much, but hell, I try. By the end of the year I wanna be able to do at least one page a week. One good quality page per week, I should clarify. I dunno. I'm drawing it into my old school sketchbook for now, but hopefully I'll still be able to upload some of it onto my deviantart account someday. Well, Svl's account, I should clarify. *sigh* It's late now, in either case (or early the next day, depending how you look at it), so I'd better get going. Don't wanna sleep in all day tomorrow.

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