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time flies fast on gossamer wings

28 August 2021 - 14:02

Every time I finish a Preload shift at work, I feel as though I went to the beach. Minus all the fun stuff, mind you.

No, I'm referring to the skin that won't cool down, the taste of salt upon my cracked lips, hair whipped every which way. Exceeding amounts of weariness and sleepiness. Minus all the fun.

This week has been kinda rough. Found out some sad news about a driver. His 31-year-old son was killed in an automobile accident. He was the passenger in a drunk driving incident. I've known this driver for years, pretty much since I started working at the warehouse. And only now, sixteen years later, do I learn his name. Not the best circumstances to make an official acquaintance. I dunno, makes me wish I still didn't know his name.

Which kinda brought me back together with Aaron. Remember that fucker? Haven't spoken to him in ages! We never really resolved our issues since that whole schtick with Denise back in the day. Well, I should clarify: I never resolved my issues. I think he moved on with his life long before I did. I hold grudges, you see.

I've always found it rather strange how willing Aaron is to talk to me after all these years. As though he really enjoys my company. Weird. He called me last night as I was getting home from work, just to "see how I was doing," asking if I was busy. So, so weird. We're not chummy or anything. Again, the beginnings of that budding friendship fell apart disastrously over ten years ago.

But anyway, this week I was helping him a tiny bit by selling some BBQ tickets. The proceeds are all going to Carlos's family. (That's the driver who lost his son.) It all started out by him asking me if I wanted to buy some, and I told him that of course I would, and hang tight, because I'll tell my sister, and she's got a shitload of kids, so she'll likely buy a lot. He asked me for my number so he could confirm the number of tickets, and then I told him I'd ask around the Local Sort (Aaron has long since become a driver and no longer works the PM shift), see if anyone was willing to buy a few. That was on what - Tuesday? - and he's been talking to me every night ever since. I mean, mainly about the tickets, and about Carlos, for my part. But he's started telling me all about what he's been doing as a driver, and how he got Covid last year, and the issues he's having with a friend of his.

For fuck's sake: WHY?

The Dud says it's probably because I've always been the "no bullshit" type, and because Aaron's stressed, he really needs that right now. *shrugs* It's still flabbergasting to me. Am I people's shrink now? Because this isn't the first time this happens to me, and not just with Aaron. It just feels extra weird with Aaron, because of all our bad history. Well, again, on my part. Poor guy likely never really knew how much respect I lost for him all those years ago.

And it's been kinda surreal for me, too. I mean, I no longer resent the guy or anything. I felt strangely aloof. Kinda like it eventually happened with Alex, and to a lesser degree, Beto. Would it also have happened with Sarah, I wonder? Anyhow, it's been a nostalgic week, I guess is what I'm saying. But hey, at least it's over now. Plates were due today. Right after the Preload, I stopped by to pick up 'Ama, then we drove over to get the plates we ordered. Ran into Josie once there, and bitch paid me mah moneh! "Pleasure doing business with you, Josie," I told her with pomp, and she giggled. Girl giggles over anything. I really like that about her. Ran into the Dud, as well, and she followed me home so I could give her the donuts and cupcake I brought from work yesterday. Pizza and cookies, I kept.

After this, Aaron should fade away back into the backdrop of past coworkers I no longer see, and oblivion will once again take his place. I mean, we still have each other's numbers now, but I don't see us contacting one another ever again, unless it's for something like this. Likely for the best.

When 'Ama saw Aaron, she commented once I got back in the car: "Tiene pansita kawamera." The Dud didn't even recognize him. She told me: "Damn, he's butt-ugly!" Both comments made me laugh, and I reminded them that he probably sees me in the same way, too. Like: 'What happened? Holy shit! You're old and fat!' Which, yeah, middle age will do that to ya'.

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