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Internship: Day 11

23 June 2015 - 23:52

Starting tomorrow, I'm upping my hours at the bakery. Going in from 7AM-3PM. If I wake up on time. Shit, I should go home. Still, I had to scramble to remember shit that happened at CC's to write in my damn Capstone journal, and I don't want that to happen again, so I'll try and keep better track.

Today, Iris called in sick again, just like yesterday, so it was only Roberta and Ashley working when I went it. I didn't want to point it out to either one of them, but the cupcakes looked weird. Flat and out, instead of puffed up on top. It made things weird to stock up, which I got to do today. Lessee... what else did I do? Erm, I know I washed dishes, but it wasn't right away this time. I think I began by stocking up the shelves. Then Yomi showed up and while she did inventory and made boxes, I began on the dishes. Soon, Yva arrived (YAY!) and Yomi was moved over to help me on dishes. Oh! Before any of that, I helped fill some macaroons right after the stocking of the cupcake shelves. Still haven't been allowed to touch the piping bags unless it's for filling, which is a pain, since I know how to swirl frosting onto a fuckin' cupcake. Seriously, it ain't rocket science. But hey, at least I was allowed near the macaroons. And I really enjoyed working with Yomi on dishes this time around. I'd scrape this time, then wipe down, and she'd wash, rinse and dry. Working together, we finished much quicker, plus we kinda got a bit sassy with the others for having us on dishwashing duty only. That was fun, because if I'm gonna be stuck doing something I don't like, at least let me blast my snarkiness up to full volume. I liked making Yomi laugh, too. That girl is too quiet.

I restocked during my shift and ate pizza during lunch. Then, while Ashley was busy attending customers, Yva taught me how to frost oatmeal cookies. Today was National Pink Day, so we dyed the white icing a shocking neon rose. The cookies looked fantastic, though they weren't easy to ice at first, but Yva mentioned that it was because the cookies themselves were too flat and smooth, whereas they should be bumpy to catch the icing. Still, I drizzled the icing over them with a spoon instead and they turned out great. Right before my shift ended, I helped Ashley with the Rice Krispies Treats. We frosted the tops, then decorated. It was really easy, once I recalled Chef Jennifer's advice on how to frost smoothly. I frosted the Oreo RKT's, and Ashley did the B-Day cake ones. At least, I think they were supposed to be B-Day cake. They had sprinkles and a Hershey's Kiss on top.

I hope I get to stay away from dishes for a while.

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