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stick a fork in it

10 September 2020 - 21:47

Here at work, feelin' kinda shaky. Diabeetus and all that. I've been changing up my meds and diet, and I think it's having an effect on me. Went to the doctor today, and he ordered some bloodwork done, but I didn't get to complete it, because apparently I was too dehydrated and my veins refused to cooperate. I have to go back tomorrow morning, so they can poke me again. Ugh.

Been trying to cut carbs drastically from my diet, and the doctor seemed to think that was a good idea. Only thing he wasn't in much of an agreement on was me going vegetarian or straight up vegan. In fact, he wants me on a nearly carnivorous diet. High in protein, some fat, and little to no carbs. Ah, it's killing me!

Okay, no, if I don't control my blood sugar, that's what'll kill me, I get it, but dramatics aside, it's hard. Carbs are the main staple of Mexican cuisine, pretty much. About an hour ago, I had a high-protein bar, and not only am I hungry, but I feel weak, too. My body's demanding the sugar.

It's also making me kinda weepy. Depressed, I mean. I haven't actually cried, but I feel on the verge of a breakdown constantly. And I sigh a lot. Hopefully I get adjusted quickly. Hopefully it pays off and my A1C comes out semi-normal. I am so completely done with today.

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