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killin' time

09 February 2017 - 15:39

God, I am so fuckin' bored right now, I could sleep. Well, okay, I could sleep at any given time, for any fuckin' reason, really, I don't need boredom as an excuse. That's besides the point. Point is, I'm at work, during the most mind-numbingly slow process of the morning shift: waiting for customer emails to come in. Seriously. And I can't even go take a shit to pass the time because the warehouse bathrooms are under construction. Now, I don't have high standards for public bathrooms, but I'll be damned if I'm using the damn Port-A-Potties baking out in the parking lot. Talk about your Dutch ovens! Fuckin' things stink up the whole place when they're cleanin' 'em out; I'm in no hurry to get up and close with them to discover what they smell like first-hand.

I've been losing weight, which I'm happy with, but I feel I can't take full credit. My new pills probably have a bit to do with it, though I have been eating a lot more salad and drinking more herbal teas. 'Ama and I are trying to stay healthy together. Now, if only I can motivate myself enough to exercise and muster up the courage to go to the dentist.

I hate going to doctors and such, of any kind. Well, maybe not the eye doctor. Most times, eye doctors are nice. And it's not that I'm afraid of whatever procedures doctors may use on me. I can deal with the pain. But I hate nagging! And although I know they've got good points on the things they're telling me, and that technically, it's not really nagging if a doctor is getting after you for your lifestyle choices, it still feels damn much like nagging to me. Shit, that's one of the main reasons I've never been married, or even dated my whole life. I hate people telling me how to do my shit. And it's even worse when you gotta just smile politely, nod and agree with whatever the fuck's being said to you. Ugh. I get enough pain from my doctor as it is (she told me I need to lose another 50 pounds, instead of at least acknowledging the ten I'd already gotten rid of); I don't need a dentist riding my ass too, talking about how I don't floss enough, and the diabetes is probably taking a toll on my gums and whatnot. I get aggravated just thinking about it.

Still, I suppose I gotta face the music sometime. Better get it over with soon, before my doctor starts nagging me on that as well. And she will. God, I know she will. "Have you been keeping up with your dental cleanings? When is your next appointment scheduled?" Lady: OFF. MY. ASS. Goddammit, already, sheesh!

Oh! I just got an email! Fuckin' finally. I gotta go back to work.

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