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17 September 2015 - 15:52

Song in my head right now is Humanoids by TVXQ. Truth be told, I've had this song, and really this band, on my mind for over a week now. I thought I was getting into K-Pop in general, but I tried listening to other bands last night, and no, I found them annoying for the most part. I couldn't stomach more than five songs from each band before I wanted to tear out my hair. I guess these guys are just more my vibe. I read they're pretty popular in their native South Korea, and I can see why. One of the most successful and influential K-Pop groups of all time or something along those lines. I'm so excited about this band and their sound, that I'm actually interested in learning Korean so I can understand what the fuck it is they're saying. Kinda like how I became interested in German because of Rammstein. Hopefully I get a bit farther with Korean than I did with German.

I recently splurged and got myself a tablet with a nice case that kinda essentially converts it into a tiny laptop. Believe me, this is much easier on my hands, because typing with my thumbs sucks. Probably won't help my wrists too much though. I type enough at work as it is.

Right now, I'm waiting for Mom to get out of her appointment with Dr. Bautista. She needs to get her FMLA renewed before the 24th of this month.

Okay, I just got distracted by K-Pop again. (I just downloaded a podcast for this weird obsession, I swear I'm hopeless.) I'm enjoying this new playlist more than what I found on YouTube last night, likely 'cause this one consists of top hits according to Korean charts. It's so funny to me, hearing what I always thought of as American music being sung in a language from the other side of the world. The song I'm listening to right now sounds like folky country music. I bet you can even dance this at a hoe-down. It is rather catchy!

Oh, I also just saw Tammie walking into the same building my Mom's clinic is at. There's a plasma center that shares the same building, and that's where Tammie was headed, to "get some money," as she laughingly put it. Well, I can certainly understand having money problems. Bills are kicking my ass now that Mom's only covering the mortgage. I probably have less than $100 in my checking account at this point, and I've already had to transfer money from my savings over twice in the past two weeks. If it weren't for the fact I'm covering Gloria's AM shift, I'd be in real trouble. Damn. It's almost 4:30, and Mom' still not out. I go in to work in about an hour and half. Man, I hope I get feedback from the customers I contacted this morning. Of all the packages we had held, I was only able to release one. I usually have a better streak than that.

Ooo, next song on the playlist is LionHeart by Girls Generation. This is one of the other K-Pop bands I can tolerate a bit more than most. The fact the girls are damn hot might have something to do with it. Still, even though this song is on the Top 10 in Korean charts, apparantly, it's cute-sounding, but not one of my favorites.

Nacho and I recently entered a cake decorating contest at work, and are now in the semifinals of our region! Voting runs today and tomorrow for our area, and I'm getting a bit anxious. We made it to the front page of our region's, in part thanks to a PowerPoint presentation I sent out to everyone I knew at work with a UPS email, encouraging them to vote. If we win our region, we'll get a $500 budget to spend on swag from the UPS catalog. We can get t-shirts for our Local Sort! And maybe even coolers or thermos thingies. Not to mention, we'll move on to the World Finals! I want to advance so badly, but I'm not sure we will.

Well, Mom's out! And with an hour to spare! Lunch for us!

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