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Lonely Day

29 March 2013 - 15:36

I had a minor nervous breakdown yesterday. Accumulation of stress both at home and work + lack of sleep + fluctuating blood sugar levels (I'm guessing here) = high irritability and partial breakdown of inner communication amongst my various selves. What a fun night that was! Seriously, I think I spent a good hour crying while cowering with a blanket, all the while sobbing: "I wanna go home, I just wanna go home..."

All the while, I was in my living room, so yeah, I was home, no shit.

It took me a while to filter through all my voices and conflicting emotions to where I could assign them to my various peeps somewhat. [I just now realized I should've added this entry to my other diary, since it has to do with my multiplicity, but meh.] Then I had to calm and comfort everyone involved (mainly my inner children) and try to get some sleep. It's a good thing I've been alone at the house since yesterday afternoon. My mom's staying at the Dud's house because of Chiquis's recent tonsil-removing surgery. As it is, she worried over me when we spoke over the phone last night. I think she could recognize the signs of me reaching my breaking point. She is my mother, after all. She's dealt with my strange ramblings and spaz-attacks before.

Anyhow, at least one good thing came out of yesterday's "mishap": I finally got around to putting some clean laundry away and cleaning out my closet. I made my bed and everything, and was able to sleep there after about a year of crashing out in the living room. God damn, did I miss my closet. Even without A/C, it is still my favorite place in the world.

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