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23 July 2012 - 21:35

Why is it that every time I'm on vacation, the plumbing in the house goes to shit? Swear, this pisses me off. It's as though the damn toilet's waiting for me all year. Or if not, it's the kitchen sink. Or in this case, both. Past glitches have also included the washer and one of the outdoor faucets.

Over the weekend, when my vacation originally started, the toilet broke. Didn't have enough flushing power Saturday morning, and didn't work at all by late afternoon. So I had to clean out Mom's unused bathroom and usher everyone in that direction. Sunday I tried to figure out what was wrong (I'm not a fuckin' plumber; I just wing it on poor instinct and You-Tube how-to videos) and went to Lowe's too late to properly look for the part I thought I needed. Today, I had to set that aside 'cause my car was in desperate need of a tune-up and new tires; I was out of the house all day. Picked up 'Ama at work, headed to PetSmart for my dogs' meds, stopped by Lowe's again to buy the part, picked up the kiddos from daycare, made it home in time for a late dinner. Finally got around to working on the stinking toilet only to realize it's still leaking. Making matters worse is that the shut-off valve for the water supply to the toilet has also met its end, and even turned off all the way, water still flows into the tank. Which means I now have to shut off the water supply to the entire house overnight so we don't wake up to puddles. (Blegh!)

*sigh* Ah, me. How I hate all this. I'm supposed to be resting here! (Oh well, at least I didn't crash into a horse... yet.)

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