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what tomorrow may bring

31 January 2020 - 23:08

Well, that was a real adventure just now! Not for me, thankfully, but for Vero, one of our new 22.4 drivers. Poor girl got the ass-chewing of a lifetime, courtesy of one Mr. Ruby J., Jr. Dick. I'd forgotten how much of a shitty person he can be. Thankfully, I no longer work with the guy. I had already clocked out when the shenanigans went down. It's days like this that I'm especially thankful for Sugey. Even on the days I disagree with her, or she gets after the team, she's never disrespected any of my coworkers the way Ruby has. He's mean, and petty. Cocky as shit, too. What a fucker.

Anyhow, I started giving Enrique, one of the newer kids on the block, a quick rundown of how things used to run under Ruby. (Not well.) Cindy heard me and joined in, saying that part of the reason she'll never become a driver now is because Ruby is now one of the On-Car supervisors, and according to her, he'll remember all the grievances she's filed against him over the years when he ran the Local Sort. She called him sneaky, which is much nicer and polite than what I've heard from higher managements in regards to Ruby. But yes, accurate. Ruby's sneaky as shit. Slippery as a legless reptile lathered in suds. Poisonous as one, too.

*sigh* I hear Carpenter. Didn't know he'd be coming in tonight. Glad it's Friday, glad to be outta here for the night. Looking forward to Mowgli's fuzzy belly on my face while he purrs loudly. Also excited for tomorrow's evening event. I'm officially campaigning for Bernie Sanders! Tomorrow's the meeting, and I believe we'll be canvassing next weekend. At my sister's request, I may take my niece along with me. This is going to be great!

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