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Oh, snap!

04 October 2015 - 13:55

The intercom radio at Jack-in-the-Box plays, "Baby, don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

My car's timing belt snapped while I was driving to my sister's house, back seat full of groceries. Perishable groceries. Oh, and fresh flowers for Lalo. Which means, of course, that once I stopped to fuel up at Costco, the car battery, drained from the overhaul of keeping us going, died. I had a nice couple in a gold Toyota (Camry, it looked like) jump-start Mackers. That's when we saw the belt was gone. I felt like a total goober. It's not like I could say I didn't see this coming. The damn belt had been squeaking for ages, and I just kept putting it off. Damn FireStone. When I ask for a complete tune-up, I mean you change the belts out, too. Or at least look at 'em to make sure they're still good. Damn. Now that's another favor I'm gonna owe my sister's husband.

Still, despite it all, I'm in generally high spirits right now. Maybe because it gives me an excuse not to bake. It's weird. Earlier today, just a few hours ago, I was really depressed. For no reason! I was so sad, that when I was in the grocery store parking lot, my eyes started welling up with tears. I've been hearing feminine voices whispering in my head that I'm not good at anything, and that no one loves me so I should die. Whoa. That doesn't sound like my usual troope of fuckers who live in my head. I mean, they're usually a bunch of dicks, too, but they sound different. Most of the people in my head are dudes, not chicks, and we are a much more sarcastic bunch. Not a bunch of weepy girls!

But I'm deviating from this journal's territory and into my other one's. The point is, my life was fine and dandy this morning, and I was all mopey. As soon as something bad actually happened, I swear I wanted to laugh. It all seems pretty funny to me. All of my plans for the weekend have gone to shit! Hahahaha!!!!

Aw, I'll still find time to make the muffins for my mom's rehab place. The butter is softening up perfectly as I type! *snicker* But I'm sure I won't have time to work on the dog house for Jarah. Poor little guy's gonna be stuck with his siblings for another week. Damn. I didn't even feed them before I left because they ran out of dog food. I was planning on buying some on the way back from the Dud's house with Mom. Guess they'll be getting fed in the evening instead of afternoon.

So here I sit now, waiting inside a Jack-in-the-Box, eating sushi and a three-piece order of egg rolls. No, of course they don't sell sushi at Jack-in-the-Box. It was part of my groceries, originally for way later, but if I left it in the car, it would've gone bad. Oh, the sacrifices I must make! (I hope the eggs survive okay in there.)

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