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22 November 2015 - 22:16

Panic is beginning to slowly claw its way up my throat. School has made me very apprehensive this semester, an I'm not sure why. Well, I got an idea. I'm slacking off. This semester I only got one class, and I have somehow still managed to have no time for anything. I only competed in one competition this semester, as opposed to all five in the past. I don't like my classmates, haven't kept up with my assignments like I should, and I have all fucking week to get shit done. Now, tomorrow morning, I have my group project due, and I feel my group is a failure. We're not focused, not prepared, don't communicate. I have one arrogant fucker who's too busy licking his own ass than participate, some married bitch who keeps rubbing up against me, making googly eyes and telling me how hot I am and how hard she'd fuck me, given the chance (*shudders* I'm overweight and have no noticeable muscle definition, especially none to be seen through my uniform coat. Believe me, I ain't "hot.")... I feel my only refuge within my group is Elia, but her blind trust in my abilities as a baker makes me a bit uneasy. I feel as though I can't let them down, but can't hold them together.

Tomorrow's gonna suck.

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