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11 April 2012 - 12:25 Hrs.

It's been so long since I updated this thing that I forgot my password. I haven't even been writing in a paper notebook or anything of the sort, either. But quite honestly, I haven't really missed it... much. Updating this thing is rather nostalgic though; I've had this thing since high school, so maybe just for the sake of that, I don't plan on closing this thing down. Well, that and there's still a few people here I've grown rather attached to. Most of my buddies here are gone too, though, randomy updating every other month or so. Still, I rock things Old School; I don't keep a Facebook or Twitter account. I used to have a Myspace thing, but I update that shit less than I do this one, and who the hell uses Myspace anymore anyway?

As for the goings on in my day-to-day, much of it is still the same, though of course my family has gone through some major shit over the past few months... but that would probably take a couple of entries to lay out, and meh, I'm just too damn lazy. We came out of it okay, and that's what truly matters. I guess all I can say that's different in my daily routine is that I finally got started on my comic in earnest. And by that I don't mean I'm dishing out five pages a week like a pro - hell, far from it - but at least I work on it a bit each day. Plus I'm also refreshing my much neglected guitarist skills (classical, of course, cause I'm a total geek). Mostly I'm doin' it for the kiddos, but also for myself, while I decide what the hell it is I wanna do long term. Last year I applied for a supervising position within UPS, but even though I was one of the finalists, and I had a lot of my buddies at work, including supervisors rooting for me, Ray gave the position to a girl named Amy. She's nice, though now when I see her, she always seems stressed and overworked. Now I think on it, we had a meeting with her this morning, but I was dropping off the kiddos at school and daycare so tough shit. People need to tell me this shit ahead of time, and by that I mean more than a few hours in advance.

Ah, will ya look at the time? Gotta run, showers to take and all.

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