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branching out

30 October 2019 - 22:54

Just thought I'd update this thing quickly before heading on out to pick up Mom from work. I was reading over some of these old entries, mainly trying to pinpoint the dates that I went back to college to get my pastry certification. See, I'm applying for another job. *gasp!* I know.

Things here at UPS have continued chugging along, and after almost 15 years, yep, I'm still here. Making decent pay, good benefits, all things considered. Still not believing I've lasted here so long, still not quite satisfied with this place, but hey, it pays the bills. I received my certification back in December of 2015. Let me repeat: I received my certification back in December of 2015. Holy shit, I should've done something with it by now. But no, I haven't. I applied at a grocery store's bakery department a few years back, but didn't get the job. Didn't even make it to the interview portion. Now, I decided to try again, but more seriously this time. UPS is cutting hours, drastically so, and 'Ama retires next May. Plus I'm finally getting work on my teeth done. Implants are expensive as fuck. Add to this the payment for the car I got from the dealership last April, and the work that still needs to get done around the house.

Of course, I know that no other place will pay me and provide me with the benefits that UPS does (thanks in large part to our union, yay), but I'm not looking to sustain myself with another part-time job. This time, I want to do something more along the lines that I'd actually enjoy. If I have to kill myself with a second job, may as well be something that brings me pleasure, right? So baking it is! Hopefully I'll be able to make it in this time. The H-E-B chain of grocery stores are great places to work, from what is known locally. They pay a decent amount, and the environment is friendly. It's my favorite grocery store chain around here, and the best of all Texas, really, if you ask me. Eventually, would I leave UPS for a career in the baking department of H-E-B? *shrugs* Maybe. Just maybe. Anyhow, I need to make it in, first. Wish me luck!

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