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09 October 2012 - 13:23

I think part of the reason I became a much better writer (or at least a more prolific one) rather than an artist is due in large part to the abstract nature of the written word. Letters don't necessarily look like the sounds they portray and yet most people unified by a single language can still identify them and translate into sound what those symbols represent. In other words (excuse the pun), it's much easier, and faster, to write something down rather than portray it in images. And now that my main hobby has become comics, I'm faced with the daunting task of creating a world through both words and pictures. Slower work than this I cannot imagine... except maybe sculpting petrified wood.

And it frusterates me like nothing else. In my mind, I am years beyond what I am working on, and I wonder if I will ever finish this project of mine in order to start on my more serious stories in earnest. But at the same time I refuse to let up on this particular story. I don't believe I've ever stuck this long with any other obssesion or phase or infatuation (except for Ninja Turtles, of course, but that's a given). I'm going on T.I.N.C. for a year and a half already! It amazes me still. That means I created some of these characters (most of who haven't even shown up in the comic yet) almost or over two years ago! I really enjoy the fuck out of this project, but what frusterates me is that the purpose of this comic, which was to help me be a better, or at least faster comic book artist and storyteller, still hasn't really occurred. (My mother will argue that my drawing skills have improved, but she's my mother: what else is she supposed to say?) And yeah, okay, so my backgrounds and perspectives are improving a bit, but I'm also
s l o w i n g d o w n, which is the opposite of what I want. Already I've fallen five months behind schedule - five months! - and that's because I never really stopped drawing. The page I'm currently working on should have been finished in May. *groan*

Yeah. Know what? I need to quit bitching and go back to drawing Zaredith.

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