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08 July 2014 - 16:39

I got an empty fortune cookie today. Just now, actually. My first reaction was to be a bit disappointed. (Who doesn't love to read the little quips and learn new words in Chinese?) However, I quickly took it to mean something else: I make my own destiny, forge my own fortune.

I start school tomorrow morning. I'm so excited! (And a bit nervous. It's been almost ten years since I was a student!) Nacho gave me two hugs today. One to congratulate me on starting school. Then I hugged him to congratulate on his new job prospect. Though, if he were to leave UPS, I would miss him terribly. Nacho is one of my oldest friends, and as it is, I don't see much of him anymore. He asked me not to say anything; only his fiancÚ, Sandra, knows. And now I know, too. It's an honor to be granted someone's trust in this way. I don't consider posting the news about it here as betraying that faith, because I've never mentioned where I'm from, exactly, and I never mention last names here.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic since yesterday. Since Art told me the happy news that he's gotten laid over the weekend. I'm happy for him, too, but I can't help but worry over the guy. And part of me is also disappointed, I gotta admit. (Why does he always choose to stick his dick in crazy? Can't he find a nice, normal girl?) But not everyone can be a celibate like me; not everyone has that strong a conviction. I can't expect Art to hold out on his hormonal urges or just be satisfied with masturbation. It probably has to do with the way I was raised, though. (I do just fine with masturbation myself.) But I don't think Art is flawed for succumbing to his impulses. He's flawed for other reasons. And I always seem to congregate towards flawed.

I love both Art and Nacho deeply, but in different ways. They're... family to me. But Nacho is like a brother, whereas I see Art more akin to a son (though they're both older than me).

Bah, I sound like such a girl in this entry, don't I? (BB's dominating; I should've maybe added this entry to my the-clan diary.) I'm not quite ready to go face Art for today just yet. I know a part of me will just try to be an ass to him again. I shouldn't read so much into his sex life. It's none of my business anyway. I will, however, play "I Just Had Sex" by the Lonely Island (feat. Akon) for him. 'Cause, yeah. Congrats on the sex, Art.

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