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warm fuzzies

31 August 2016 - 16:17

I'm so happy, my head hurts!

Today, I went back to school. Yeah, granted, I graduated last December. I know that. I know the two classes they're offering now aren't really connected to any degree plan yet. I have a whole year to wait for that, apparently. Who gives a shit, I went back. And the instant Chef Jennifer and Amanda walked into that classroom, I knew I made the right choice. I was home. I'm sure of it now: this, precisely this, is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want these people with me. I missed them, and I could stay there forever. This is what it feels like right now, anyway.

I ended up with many old comrades in my class: Milo, Manda (not as a lab assistant this time - she's a student like us this time around!), Bertha, Jasmine, Orlie (from work!), ALBERT! I even saw Max, who is now a lab assistant like Amanda, and will be helping out with our class. I wanted to hug everyone, even the three girls who I honestly have no earthly clue as to who they are. The way everyone flowed into the conversation, though, it was as though we've all known each other for years. Which, in a sense, we kind of all do. I may not know them personally, but if I haven't had them for classes before, my buddies have, so there isn't any one single person who is new to everyone. This is the awesome part of the advanced classes, methinks.

I was having such a rough time at work lately, too, and this all just sort of washed that away. I got hugs from Chef and Amanda, and later sat next to Max. Even though it was just an introductory class today, and it was technically over before two o'clock, most of us stayed behind to hang out for over an hour afterwards. I swear, it was as though I never left. And I'll admit, it felt really good great to realize I was missed. Albert and I didn't hug (of course), but we fist-bumped like bros. If that makes me sound like a frat boy, tough shit. I'm too happy to be brought down today. Alex and Nick can kiss my fat ass. The only downer was that I didn't get to see 'Ama before she left for work. I would've loved to rant on and on to her about seeing my buddies. It's okay, though. I'll tell her all about it later on tonight, and during work, I'll be able to tell Nacho, who as of now, is the only one at work whose opinion really matters to me.

As a reward to myself for seeing everyone, I bought myself a raspa from my dad's favorite raspa stand. A large Eric's Special, 'cause, yeah, durr. I haven't had any lunch, and probably won't eat any dinner, but I don't care. I'm full of bliss.

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