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03 October 2015 - 18:53

At the risk of sounding fickle, I don't really wanna go to this TCA thing anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going, but it's lost its charm, I guess.

Okay, so what got me peeved was that same text conversation that had me so pumped in the first place. Nacho, Mayra and I texted back and forth as the day went on: while I went with Helen to pick up the dog house, took her to lunch, went to PetSmart, etc. Then while I'm at Lowe's, Nacho texts Mayra asking her if she wants to go in two hours earlier, which is no big deal, I don't give a shit, it's none of my business. But then he mentions that if they go in earlier, they get three extra points. So I interject: "This goes by points? How many do I get for going @ 8?" To which he replies: "2".

Okay, what the fuck? So, if my math is right, working from 8 to midnight will give me 2 points, meaning ½-point per hour, right? But working an extra two hours earns you 3 points, meaning each of those two extra hours are worth 1.5 points, as in three times as much as the other hours. Doesn't seem fair to me. It also irked me that Nacho would consider Mayra for the extra points, but not me. *shrugs* Still, for starters, he didn't make up that stupid point rule, and I'm sure he isn't really eager to get points for Mayra, but rather for himself. 'Cause, yeah, did I mention the cruise? Who the fuck doesn't wanna go to the damn cruise? Then he also tells me I don't even qualify for the cruise to begin with, because I'm not a member of the TCA, and they're only paying for members who volunteer. So yeah, what a buzzkill. Still, I cleaned my workboots and gave my word that I'd be there. Can't let Nacho down, 'cause I know how much it sucks when you give your word on someone's behalf and they let you down. Not how my momma raised me. Better go iron my uniform and put some clothes back on again. (Yep, I am, once again, in my underwear.)

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