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04 June 2005 - 01:55

I don't have much time to type in this thing anymore. Surprise there, huh? *smirk* Right. Anyhow, I'm working now again, and lovin' my job for once. It's a real bitch out there, haulin' packages and working the sort and shit... I get all sweaty and grimy and sore and - today I got covered in cobwebs! How fuckin' cool and fucked up is that?! I had to get under the conveyer belt, climb over packages to see how many we still had on "hold". It tired me out! I had so much fun. 'Cuz that's what life's about, man. Havin' fun. I get home tired as shit every single fuckin' day, but boy am I lovin' every minute of it! I get along awesome with my coworkers (they're real kick-ass peeps, in my opinion), and best of all... I don't gotta deal with "customers". No people have to like me. It's just me and those 20-pound bitches (and the rollers and the conveyer belt and the truck and the dusty computer and the wind in my sweaty hair). I feel so tired but so... free out there... Make sense? Ah, who cares, it don't gotta. Not to anyone but me. But man, did I miss updatin' this shit! I feel like I've been bottlin' up all these good feelings I've got inside... and now I wanna POP! Yes, in bold fuckin' letters.

Today Alban gave me a brown baggie with snacks in it. He gave one to Aaron and Mayra too. It even had a mini can of root beer in it! I was so tired and hungry after the sort, that when he gave us that shit, all I wanted to do was hug the guy. I could tell Aaron and Mayra really appreciated those baggies too, 'cause Aaron just attacked that shit! He's a good kid. Very hungry all the time.

Shit, I just realized, no one knows these people! Not that it matters, but I'm gonna write a brief description of my immediate coworkers and supervisors now. I know that no one cares, but I also know that my sis reads this shit sometimes, and so does María, when she has a chance, and I haven't really had a chance to sit and talk to them in ages. So if ya'll read this, now you know who replaced you bitches. (You two know I'm just playin'!)

Albán has been working at UPS for about 12 or 13 years. He plans to retire in about 2 years. Not that he's old or anything. Apart from UPS, he's also a high school teacher. He teaches seniors at a highschool in the next town over. He's a really nice guy, the type you wish was your uncle or something. He's also funny as shit and gave me snacks today so he's down wit' me.

Art has been at UPS for almost 3 years, I think. He's 25 and is a black belt in karate or jujitsu or something like that. He's married and likes Star Wars and Metallica. He really enjoys playing pranks on all of us, especially on Aaron, because he falls for everything, poor kid. Art's catch phrase has got to be: "Oh, I'm just messing with you, man." He's also disorganized as fuck and sometimes gets to the rest of us because he tends to lose his paperwork at the end of the shift. But he's still pretty bad ass when I'm in a good mood. Plus he likes Metallica, so of course we're gonna get along.

Aaron got hired the same day I did. We trained together under Deepak (the district coordinator) and we get along real well. He's 19 (the twerp!) and goes to the same university I go to. Except I decided to take the summer off and he didn't. He has shaggy hair and always wears a cap. He told me once that he did weights, but I think he was showing off because he knows I don't. But hell, I like being a fat ass. So fuck off.

Mayra (I think that's how you spell her name) got hired a week after Aaron and me. She's 25, like Art, and has two kids. She has another job besides this one and is up to her ass in debt. Poor chic. She's kinda güerita and a bit on the chunky side. Oh, fuck it, I'll admit it: she's got a fat ass. I've seen her fuckin' butt crack. At first she would dress kinda feminine, with makeup and shit, until she came to realize that this is hard labor, and you gotta dress comfortable. I guess comfortable for her are just tight fittin' short shirts that let all her lonja hang out. But she's real nice, and she hardly ever pisses me off the way Art can.

Reuben Jasso is my immediate supervisor. He's real bad ass too. Hardly ever yells at us and he bought us pizza the other week. Of course, he charged it on the UPS card... He just came in as supervisor in January, so he's learning along with us, he says. But I think we know more about what's goin' on than he does. There's another distracted motherfucker for ya'... but I guess that's 'cause he's gotta lotta responsabilities and shit.

And then there's me. I'm still the same lazy fat ass that's always been keepin' this diary, except now I don't bitch so much and I'm making more money than at Penncro. (And I drink a lot more water, which is a good thing, my mom says.) I got paid today and that put me in a good mood. Well, technically, I got paid yesterday, 'cause we're already in tomorrow right now. And I gotta go catch some z's or I won't wake up on time tomorrow to go to the bank and cash my check. Cha-ching!

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