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worn down

12 February 2015 - 00:44

It's been over a month since I last spoke to Art, and I can't really say I give a fuck. I can't say I ever want to speak to him again. But it does make work tiresome, that heavy air. I wish he'd get take the stick from out his ass already or else move to another section of the warehouse. I don't see either happening anytime soon. Oh, well. At least they sent Nacho over to FDC today. So I had a good day. Our conversations may not be as intellectually stimulating as the discussions I'd have with Art, but at least I know they're honest ones. Well, as honest as I can get with Nacho without stepping on his toes. Y'know, I steer clear of Jesus and the voices in our heads. Mainly, we'll talk about food, making food, and the pretty girls in class. Lately we've been including the topic of community service, which we're both very interested in.

I do miss that bastard, Art. But I feel... healthier without him. Every day that passes just reaffirms the fact that what he and I had was never really a true friendship. I miss the conversations, mostly, but even that begins to fade now. I can still have intelligent conversations with other people. I guess it was just more comfortable with Art because he was my Yes-Man. We agree on most everything from literature tastes to politics and religious theology. But that's not good for the ego, anyway. I hope this parting of ways helps us both grow into the adults we're supposed to be.

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