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I wish it were Sunday!

14 September 2020 - 14:12

Back at work, Happy Monday. *Taste the SarcasmTM!*

All this week, I'll be in training for the Hazmat Responder Program. Been there, done that, but it expired years ago, so I'm back to taking the full class instead of recertifying. Classes start tomorrow, so today is a normal work day for me. Which starts out with the PTS account around noonish, but of course, I'm always late. Today, there is very little of that account, so we're all pretty much just standing around pretending to work. Me typing at my workstation makes me look busy and important, which means people leave me alone and don't try to talk to me. Which is what I was aiming for. So, yeah.

There's nine of us up here in the DataCap area, and only Rick has any real work. I'd offer to help him, but he doesn't seem to want the help. He wants to appear busy and important, too. I kinda wish the training this year was also in another city. I really enjoyed my training when it was in the Houston area. COVID ruined it this year, so all classes are local. At least they didn't make me do them online through Zoom. That would've been worse! I feel so bad for all those people who are actually quarantined and have been for months. At least I'm considered an essential employee, which means I still get out of the house.

15:15 Hrs. We're going to get an hour break between accounts, which means a split shift, which in turn translates to no overtime. I don't mind, though. I'll get to hang out in my car and watch a few episodes of The Clone Wars, maybe write a bit of fanfic. My ardor for the Star Wars universe does seem to be waning a bit, I'll admit, but I think that's mainly because Mom's at home now, and I have less privacy. She keeps bringing me out of my reverie, so this hour break should be ideal for daydreaming. Anyhow, gonna grab my workbag now and head to my car. Adventures await! (Or maybe just Tumblr.)

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