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Beto n' bento

04 October 2016 - 17:48

I should be doing homework. I should barely be driving to work from home, actually. But Beto had to be back by 5:10, and I'm the one who wanted to tag along with him for lunch in the first place, so meh. Speaking of lunch, maybe I should bust out my bento and eat something before Alex and Nick get here. Nick, at least, should be here shortly. Not like there's much work for our department today. Part of me wants to get up now to go check what the volume on the rollers is. I want to claim it. But I digress. I won't do it off the clock.

I am getting a bit hungry. Why would I go out to lunch with Beto if I wasn't planning on eating anything? But I don't wanna go through the drama of arguing with the kid on who pays for lunch. He's stubborn, and so am I. We'll just leave it at that. (I will find a way to return his $20, though. I just haven't yet figured out a way how, without him noticing.)

Argh, I can't take this. I need to go look at that damn volume. This is beyond my control. (But I will eat some of my bento. That'll make me feel better.)

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