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doggone days

12 December 2013 - 11:28

I've been having a bit of a situation at home lately. My neighbors across the street have a dog, Ben. He's a medium-sized dog, about the same size as my Shai. (My dogs are barking outside right now; Shai's got an underlying growl in his tone that's got me nervous.) He's been getting loose from their yard - either digging under the fence or jumping over it - almost on a daily basis since last week. Definately every day since Monday. Twice I've had to put him back in his yard, twice I've had to go knock on their door to hand him over. Twice he's bitten my hand. Today he tried to bite my ten-year-old toothless cat, Patrick.

I swear, if he hurts my bunny-bunny, I'm gonna lose my shit.

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