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suffer the little children

16 August 2012 - 07:59

I'm feeling slightly devastated, and more than a little annoyed. I got into an argument with my sister this morning, about the way she refers to the boys her ex and Omar's ex had. She keeps telling Omar not to get butt-hurt when his sons show interest or joy at the thought of their new baby brother, but then she turns around and does the same to Jaden. She claims not to hate the kid or anything, but the anger is everpresent in her eyes, the disdain in her voice. She calls Nisha and Gabriela's sons "escuincles", a spanish term that I believe literally translates as "dog runts" but that is commonly used to mean "kids". It's not the most offensive term in the world, and many people around here even use it in an endearing manner, but that's not what my sister's implying when she uses the word. She spits it out, eyes narrowing, condecending. Implying that her children and Omar's, "los niņos", are better than those "escuincles". Yeah, nothing short of bastard. It's as though by refusing to call them "niņos" too, she's not acknowledging that they're human, too. At least not on par with her own offspring.

I dunno, it bothers me. Greatly. And it also saddens me a bit, to think that she's subconciously injecting this venemous outlook to her kids, and maybe Omar to his. "Oh, no, honey that's only your half-brother, you don't have to love him." She says I'm taking things out of context, that I'm the only one getting offended, but I guess time will tell how this affects those kids' relationships in the coming years. I just feel really bad for Jadan and now this new baby boy, because in the end, no matter what kind of lowlife-parents they have, they are not at fault. This mess of a situation was not their choice.

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