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Internship - Day 2

09 June 2015 - 23:16

Fuck, am I tired. (It's not a question, stupid.) This new schedule's kicking my ass. It's worse than back in July, when I had Pies & Tarts at 8 AM, Monday through Thrusday. Because yes, that was six hours a day as well, but we got out early enough to where I could nap or at least vegetate for about an hour before heading over to work. Since I'm working 9-3, (actually 'til nearly 4), I barely have enough time to get home and eat something before I'm out the door again to pick up the Dud from her job. She dumps me off here, albeit earlier than my start time, but there's no way I can nap here. So fuck, am I tired.

Today I didn't wash as many dishes; at least it didn't seem like I did. And I met another girl that works there, Yomi. Yomie? What's with all the weird names at this place? She's quiet, and apparantly doesn't like to wash dishes. It peeved me at first, that she didn't want to help me even after Roberta (owner) specifically instructed her to. And when she finally had no choice but to help me, she only scraped batters and buttercream off the dishes; she never actually washed anything. I'm told she's at least ten years my junior. She really annoys me. Most young people do. (Get off my lawn!)

My feet really hurt. They're doing that pulsing thing in my boots right now. Y'know, when you know they're gonna swell up. Oh, m'ride's here.

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