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midnight is crashing (and so am I)

20 June 2012 - 01:30

Just got a new phone. Keyboard is slightly bigger, but this is still a pain in my ass. At least this thing capitalizes the first letter in a sentence on its own; hate that toggle button shit. Speaking of shit, I feel like shit now. Been feeliing crappy on and off all day. Been drinking Thai tea and snacking on dried ginger root to keep the nausea down. I used to hate it, especially in those packs that come with sushi, but I think I'm developing a taste for it.

Earlier today while I was setting this thing up I accidently called Nacho. I hung up before it rang, but he called me back and I didn't know how to answer the damn phone. Understand, I kick things old school, especially since I'm the biggest cheapskate ever, so this device is fairly alien to me. I'm not even sure I could answer it now. Anyhow, it was a bit embarrassing having to explain to him that I hadn't really meant to ring him up, especially since I haven't really spoken to him in ages. I'm a crappy friend. Anyway, the pain is creeping up on me again. I need to take some painkillers if I'm planning on ever getting any sleep. Ugh.

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