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16 February 2017 - 13:55

I got to work way too early today. Turns out I missed the text from the boss telling us start time was pushed back half an hour. Sheesh.

Don't really feel like being here today. Wanna go home, take a nap, doodle or read. 'Ama told me the other day that I am too materialistic. Well, materializado/a was her actual word, which doesn't exactly mean the same thing. It would be... "materialized"? That's the literal translation, anyway, but she meant it more along the lines of: "I put too much value in money."

Which is true. I'm Scrooge. Not a scrooge, mind you. No, I'm Ebenezer incarnate. I live frugally, use things until they fall apart, and always take extra work hours where I can get them so I can make an extra buck. Which then goes only to pay bills and necessities (like groceries). The rest goes into my savings. And I never have enough savings. In my view, anyway. I mean, c'mon, you never know when an emergency might pop up! So this has been affecting my mood at work recently, because I'm also ultra-competitive, and I've been nitpicking coworker's hours. Which, needless to say, is none of my fuckin' business. I asked 'Ama for advice on how to rid myself of my avarice, and she suggested I blow some cash, because it's so hard for me to do. Well, she specifically said to spend some money fixing my Trailblazer. Thing runs just fine, but the driver's side door controls are all messed up. Alright, so, truth be told, the entire driver's door is messed up. The interior portion of the door is missing. It's just... raw metal and speaker parts and wires clinging on my a few plastic clips. What? Did I just not say I use things until they're completely worn? And I bought the damn thing used already, anyway. But all the cars I've ever owned have always been previously used. I don't like buying from dealerships. There's a bill you're never gonna finish paying...!

Okay, so, of course, I only hear part of her advice, and decide to spend a good solid Benjamin on comic books and K-pop. 'Cause... why the fuck not? The CD will be played in the Trailblazer, so am I not bettering the damn thing already?

Anyway, I brought two of the graphic novels to work today. Let's see if I find the time to sneak in a read.

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