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25 January 2021 - 20:30

"WAH," Mowgli cries from his cage.

"¿Que paso, Huahuanco?" I call out to my cat. He grows quiet and stares. Maybe the weather is bothering him, or the chirping of the crickets outside. Either way, he's slightly uncomfortable.

I haven't updated this thing in months. I had told myself (wouldn't be the first time) that I'd do a better job at keeping up with this thing. At least have one thing to add a month. Whelp, no, that hasn't gone well. You'd think, with the pandemic and all, that I'd have more time to write/type/whatever updating this thing entails. I guess I just no longer have the motivation to keep up with D-Land. Nothing against the website. Because in the past, I used to keep notebooks with my daily rants and such. However, I've begun to leave those by the wayside as well. Maybe I just don't find my life that interesting anymore. Maybe I've grown jaded. Or maybe I've finally popped my head out of my ass and realized there's more to life than my own problems.

*insert maniacal laughter*

Okay, does anyone really believe that? I mean, what prompted me to finally update this blog if not my own personal problems? Gah, it's been a shitty week. A shitty month, but that was to be expected. *sigh* Here I was thinking I'd dodged the Birthday CurseTM. Who knows? Maybe I'm merely passing it on down to the next generation. Poor Kokoro.

My mom's putting the finishing touches on a crochet stuffed toy frog she's been making for my nephew. His birthday's coming up. Wednesday, I think. Fuck, I'm so depressed. Nothing to do with Kokoro-bo, although... Well, admittedly, the fact that he shares birthday with my dad ain't helpin' any. *sigh* The fact his mom's a dick don' help neither.

It's really hard for me to remain in an integrated state of mind during stressful times. I get real pissy. I know, trust me, I know.

Well, I've been trying to do a lot more done, artistically, y'know. Writing fanfic helps, and I've been drawing a lot more, too. Nothing good, just, y'know, passable. *grin* That damn frog is looking mighty cute. I hope Kokoro likes it. Seeing my mom kinda follow the route her mother took is endearing. My mom looks a lot like my Güelita Leonor, so all of this is like a bittersweet déjà vu.

Man, I can't really think straight right now. Think I'm gonna go try coloring a bit. Maybe afterwards, I'll have some milk and cookies and a nap. Hey, it worked when I was in Pre-K.

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