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01 June 2015 - 15:22

My CapStone starts today. Internship, I mean. Hah. I can't believe I'm already in the internship phase of my degree plan, small as that plan is. Come December, I will be a certified pastry baker. Not chef, no, that only comes with time and experience, and only if I ever get to manage my own kitchen or bakery. Still, it's a bit overwhelming.

It didn't really hit me until Chef Ruben passed out our folders containing the information on what shops we'll be working at this summer. Originally, I wanted to work at a local cake shop in a neighboring town to the north, but that's because I honestly don't know any pastry shops or bakeries in my area other than panaderĂ­as. Once I saw where it is I'm going, and I looked up their Facebook page, I started getting mild stomach cramps. I mean, their stuff is gorgeous! (Here, take a look.)Does Chef really believe I'm ready to work there? Shit, a fellow student, Ceci, worked her internship there last semester, and she said it was very tough work. And that's because Ceci is one of the most gifted cake decorators I know. Even before graduating, she was already baking cakes professionally, and she's even made wedding cakes! If she could barely handle things there, what hope do I have?

The only thing that comforts me a little is the fact they make macaroons. I make pretty macaroons, if I do say so myself. Problem is, the last time I made macaroons was last July. That's right, nearly a year ago. What if I've forgotten how to completely? Part of me knows I'm panicking over nothing. I need to get home and call them up. Or even better, show up in person to set scheduling up. Chef said we needed to start working at our designated places this week or we'd fall behind on our hours. No one I know is going to be there. Chef made sure of splitting us all up. Albert's gonna be at a cake shop (it was really good to see him again, even though I saw him less than two weeks ago), Edith's at Heritage Village (I'll miss out on her silly antics and upbeat personality), Claudia's gonna be not-so-Kneer (inside joke) 'cause she's gonna be working at Salt's (fancy!), and even Alicia's gonna end up all the way in Weslaco, which is good for her, since she lives there. I'll be facing this one alone, without my buddies. Don't know where Edgar's gonna end up, since he didn't make it to class. Car problems or something along those lines. I doubt Chef will send him tailing after me, though I kinda hope he will. Edgar's a silly kid. Having him around would be nice.

It was great to see everybody's faces again, even those I hardly speak to. Chef's making us keep a journal. Handwritten, even though I asked him if I could type mine. (He said no.) That's gonna be a pain. I type much faster than I write nowadays. Still, I'll probably just update stuff here, then print it and write it out for my class journal. Alternatively, I could just write up a different journal, and then stick these pages in there as a bonus, who knows? *shrugs* Dunno if Chef would be interested in reading that much material, though. I tend to ramble when I type. *smirk*

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