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01 October 2015 - 09:45

Son of a bitch, seriously. I'm with my mom at Dr. Crous's office. Her appointment was at 8:30 this morning, and she still hasn't been let in to a room. Fuck.

I should be going in to work in about seven minutes. Yeah, right. Not gonna happen. Mom's chatting with with a couple that's sitting in front of me. Comparing injuries, sharing "war stories." I swear I've seen the man before, but I can't pinpoint from where. I feel weird asking.

I don't even wanna be updating this thing; I'm just doing so to keep myself awake. Went to bed around 4 AM today, got up at 7. I'm tired, and hungry. God, am I sleepy. My ass hurts, too.

Speaking of ass, at the risk of over-sharing, I found an abcess on my ass cheek last night. I was wiping my ass when I noticed it. I freaked, 'cause I thought it was hemorrhoids or something, but then I read up on what hemorrhoids actally are, and yeah, tanks-god, it ain't that. It doesn't hurt, which is a good thing. Slathered some lavender and wild chamomile oils on it, see if that helps. I read up on what causes these things, and found out it's not that uncommon, and that it's probably a clogged sweat gland. I remember getting one on my thigh when I was a kid. Mom squeezed the shit out of it (the pus, more like), and I cried 'cause it hurt like hell. The sight of all the blood and pus freaked the shit outta me, too, no doubt.

Well, we finally got a room, but I should have been at work eight minutes ago. I told mom we're probably gonna be here for at least another hour, considering she needs to have an x-ray done, and then the doctor gets to see her. This room is chilly. I bet they do that so patients don't fall asleep. Fuck, am I sleepy. I need a nap.

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