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the invisible Mon

29 November 2021 - 14:01

I'm helping the Smalls Sort today, since there isn't enough work in my area. I happened to glance up towards the southern end of the area and caught a glimpse of Monica, one of my coworkers. She's wearing a neck gator pulled up over her lower face and sunglasses. All she needs is the trench coat, and she'll look like Negative Man. I couldn't help but giggle to myself. She looks so cool. You know I'm all about cosplaying.

Maggie has kept insisting on stirring shit up when it comes to the girl. It's gotten old fast, lemme tell you. The thing is: I've never seen Monica interfere with anyone. Anyone. It's hard enough just to get her to say anything at all. I say hi to her every time I see her, and she'll only wave back silently or nod. She's a fuckin' mouse.

Aw, crap. Jesus just dumped a whole bunch of volume onto the tiny, narrow belt I'm working on. It's sure to get jammed. *sigh* Monica keeps a much better pace with this belt. She works at a slower, but steady pace. Ah, there we go. She's back. I really wanna sketch her. She'd make a cute caricature. So far, the only coworkers I've ever tried to doodle are Sarah and Alex. Both were exaggerated cartoons, of course. One day, I'll get through the whole cast. For now, I'm thinking Monica will make a good third.

There should still be about half an hour to go before the regular Sort starts. I wanna go back to my work station! Tomorrow is the last day of NaNoWriMo, and although I knew from the start I wouldn't make it to the 50K goal, I at least wanted to make it to 40. Now that goal seems less and less plausible. I'd have to write over 4,000 words today just to maybe make it. I've produced less than 1,000. I think my count for today is in the 600's. Well, crap.

Ah, never mind. Not half an hour until regular start, it's an entire hour. Skyla just told me. What a pain in my ass. It sucks that I can't even write my story while I wait. Hm... well, why not?

Why the fuck not?

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