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26 September 2015 - 19:31

I swear, now that I have this thing (keypad case), I do nothing but update my diaries here. I guess because it takes less data to do so than watching videos or playing online games.

So today I'm at Tiffo's farm, for Sophie's birthday party.

27 September 2015, 00:06 Hrs. Yeah, got pretty sidetracked at the party. Aneli stayed over at the farm for a sleepover with Tiffo's girls. She was so excited. I told her to be on her best behavior and to play nice with her cousins. Earlier in the day, on our drive to the ranch, I explained to the kiddos just how it is that Helen & co. are our family, even though there are no blood ties. Since they're technically Mormon, they don't know about godparents, so I had to explain about Catholic baptisms. Angel seemed to really like the concept. Then again, he's always wanted a huge family. It made me smile to see he accepted the explanation readily, but it does make me a bit nervous on how to explain to him in the coming years that I'm not even Christian to begin with, and thus reject most dogma.

Well, the party was a blast for the kiddos; they had lots of fun and the boys wanted to spend the night there, too. Unfortunately, only their sister was invited, and I don't think Tiffo could handle my sister's three on top of the three she's already got. Oh, and another on the way, I should mention. It seems she's competing with her brother on who has more kids. Jesse's already got his four. If all goes well with Tiffo's pregnancy, she'll have four as well. Jesus Christ. (I know, I know.)

Angel seemed really bummed out that his sister's at a sleepover for the second time, but he's never been to one. I tried to console him, "Well, you've stayed with u at Huela's house before." "Yeah, but I mean I've never stayed somewhere that wasn't my house or with you guys." "Well, see, but it's the same thing, because Helen is family." "I know that, but it's not the same." I know what he means, and I know he's right. Lalo was just as depressed. Even after I explained to them that Aneli's staying because it's an all-girls thing: Shantel, Chloe, Sofia, Aneli, and maybe Cassie and the twins, Natalie and Nicole - Iban sat quiet for a few seconds before announcing dolefully: "Tiojo, I want to have an all-girls-and-a-boy day! I want to stay here, too!" How can I counter that? I told my sister about it, and she laughed. What else can we do? Poor boys!

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