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warm gray fuzzies

12 December 2019 - 16:43

I ordered myself a new ZAGG Folio cover for my Ellipsis 8, only for the damn tablet to die completely. Now I have to change out the damn lithium battery. I'm gonna try to find a way to add more memory to it, while I'm at it. I mean, it only has 16 GB, which is balls. In the meantime, while I wait, the cool thing is that it also connects to my phone, so I can type better on that. It'll make it easier to update this thing instead of having to wait until I'm here at work or at the public library.

I'm so narfin' tired, though I don't have a real reason to. I mean, sure, I've been waking up earlier due to the Dud dropping off Mowgli before she goes in to work, but I'm used to sleep deprivation.

Mowgli, by the way, is the cutest little shit currently in existence. Yes, I'll take him over Baby Yoda. He's a newborn fuzzy gray kitten my sister's sister-in-law found crawling in the middle of the street. Little guy didn't even have his eyes or ears open yet. I'm guessing his age was about two or three days old when he was found. That was last Friday, so now he's about seven or eight days old. The kiddos and I decided to shoot for extra-caution and say he was born on December 4th. He still hasn't opened his eyes, though I think he's starting to hear. His fuzzy little ears twitch when I talk to him, and he responds now when he hears noise. His mews are so tiny and quiet. I feel a great deal of love for him already, and I kinda want to keep him, but still don't know what my sister will decide. I hope she lets me keep him. She did mention that he seems to be bonding to me. I'm bonding to him, too. My frigid heart just melts away whenever he nuzzles my face. Today, he also started gently chewing on my fingers. He's teething! He's too damn cute. He's gonna be a gorgeous cat. I can't wait to see him grow, whether he ends up with me or my sister's family.

Anyhow, my coworkers are here now, so I'd better log off this thing. Damn, it smells strong like diesel around here. I wonder if the Fuel Island sprung a leak.

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